NP in Oxford

What is a Texas girl doing in Oxford? Great question.

I'm doing several things that you can learn about below, and if you're so inclined, can also partner with me in the work God is doing at the oldest university in the English-speaking world.


What am I doing in Oxford? 

1. Studying

What brought me to Oxford originally in the fall of 2017  was the opportunity to study at Wycliffe Hall, the evangelical college in the heart of Oxford. I will continue my studies (Lord willing) through August 2020 with a theology degree and a greater understanding of Scripture (including Greek and Hebrew studies), a stronger grasp on theology (and why it matters for everyone), and more equipped to work in ministry. 

2. Discipling


When I got to Oxford, I quickly became involved at St. Ebbe's, an evangelical Anglican church in town. Through St. Ebbe's, I have grown in discipleship-- both my own, and learning how to disciple others. My first year, I read the Bible one-to-one with younger girls studying in Oxford, and led a Bible study for American exchange students. 

3. Working

In the spring of 2018 a position became available at St. Ebbe's working as the Female Associate Minister for Postgraduate Students (that's a mouthful, I know!). Through prayer and discussion with my parents and tutors at Wycliffe, I decided to apply and happily was offered the part-time position. 

Beginning August 2018, I will work with female postgraduate students in Oxford helping to create intentional discipleship opportunities and building relationships that encourage and equip them to live out their faith in academia as well as the working world. 


Let me just stop you right there, before you even ask: Wait, you're studying full-time AND working part-time?  I know, it sounds like a lot. And it will definitely be busy and time management will be a must. But after having many conversations with my academic tutors, my family, and the church staff, I feel confident that the Oxford schedule will allow me to put what I'm studying into real-time practice working with students. It also will financially help me afford my studies, which is an added blessing to getting to work at such a dynamic and gospel-centred church. And, I am absolutely thrilled about it! 


If you're interested in partnering with me