Direct Deposit

Direct deposit/Funds Transfer

You would set up an online bill pay through your bank. In providing information on where to send the payment you would most likely have to provide the Anglican Diocese routing number and account number for the Seminarian fund:

Here is the routing number: 54540175
Here is the account number: 0030250325

The payment would be made to the: Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast

If there is an opportunity to include a memo it should read as such: Seminarian Fund -For: NP Lowenfield

If there is not an option to include a memo, let me know at what time of the month you will plan on the contributions being made, and Mr. Lewis will then know when the funds come in that they are for the Seminary fund.

In addition, if you need to provide an address for where the funds are going you can use the diocesan address:
Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast
3333 South Panther Creek Drive
The Woodlands, Texas 77381

If you have additional questions about direct deposit, please contact me at