Who am I?

Photo Caption: I think about this a lot: who am I? Do people really know who I am? I've had jobs where I felt like no one knew the "real me"-- the job description didn't line up with who I saw in the mirror. I've had friends who I felt like only saw small glimpses into who I really was inside. I still feel strange and want to hide behind my hair when I say to people, "I'm an artist"-- I cant feel comfortable with that label, I feel like it's a fraud. And the truth is, who I see in those quiet places can be the most painful introspective exercise, in a way that makes me want to wince and turn away. I see my flaws and faults and shortcomings so clearly, and I'm desperately afraid someone else might see them too. But with Jesus, what I see is turned on its face: a sinner,in desperate and irreversible need of grace. Jesus is the reason I'm able to be transparent with my life in these tiny squares, because I know the depth of my inadequacy, and the height of his grace. And that grace makes me realize my need to live into it and let it wholly reconstruct my self esteem, who I see in the mirror is wholly covered and saved by grace. The gospel is crazy and counterintuitive and so foreign to what we think we know. But grace changes everything.

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