The Only Way

Photo Caption: I had a lot of tears today. Some of them were sweet- I watched 504 hard working students declare where they'll attend college next year. I choked them back as I listened to stories of the obstacles they've overcome and perseverance they've shown that vast outweighs any perseverance I've ever known. Other tears were of frustration- car issues, phone issues (my phone was also a casualty of my car flood, which is in part why my posts have been sporadic). And some tears were honestly from a place of hopelessness- about the future, about present situations- places where I don't see a way through. I'm so grateful that I've gotten the past two years to live with my sister, Mary Moore. Few people have shown me the power of how loving Jesus can change every part of us more than her. She listened to my stories and sat through my tears, and then she so gently reminded me that the O N L Y W A Y to find hope through it is F A I T H A L O N E in Jesus.

There's a hymn that I love but am petrified of: I Asked the Lord ( When we ask for G R A C E and F A I T H we don't know what we're going to experience. Sometimes, it's really, really painful. As I have pursued the Lord more in the past few weeks and months, I've also felt pain and seen my sin in an extremely harsh light. But I find the ending to I Asked the Lord so true and hopeful and real. It's in response to the question "why, God?", especially to pain and suffering: These inward trials I employ From self and pride to set thee free And break thy schemes of earthly joy That thou mayest seek thy all in me, That thou mayest seek thy all in me. Grace alone, through faith alone. The only way.

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