Steadfast Love Never Ceases

Photo Caption: Have you ever felt like you'd used up your last chance, the last shot at doing it right or redeeming yourself or correcting your failures? Those moments (I've had quite a few), pierce my heart with each memory recall. There's one day in particular I remember: I had just made the call to leave Teach For America. I was sleeping on an air mattress and overstaying my welcome with the sweetest of friends. I spent most days watching the summer Olympics and internally freaking out about my blank future. I got in my car to get lunch, and I said out loud through tears,"God, you can give up on me. I deserve it." I had been told I gave up on kids, so why wouldn't God give up on me? I thought I had used up my last chip with God, it was time for someone else to get a turn. But he more than didn't give up. His faithfulness was beyond anything I could have asked. His mercy was so present and gracious it couldn't have been anything but God in that time. Lately, I've found myself teetering near this same sentiment again. I keep stumbling and falling again and again, and at times I feel too far from forgiveness or redemption. But God's faithfulness is so near and present all the same. His mercy suffices for my one-too-many mess ups. And it gives me hope that there IS hope for me still, only through Him. Are you in a similar place? Cling to this hope that does not disappoint. God's faithfulness is beyond what you know.

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