Sometimes, life is fast and in need of focus

My life is spinning fast and furiously right now, which is in many ways good. I moved last weekend, and as much as I hate the process of moving, I cannot adequately express the gratitude I have for those who helped, and for my new living situation. Having community is so, so good. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Saturday, some friends and I are hosting our first Flourish event, where I'll be teaching hand lettering. I cannot wait! We have been preparing and praying for the twenty-three women who have signed up to join us. I'm not a huge photo person, but below, you'll find the four of us who have taken on this Flourish adventure. I love these women, and I know Jesus better and live differently because I know them. Like I said-- community. It's so good. 

So there's so much goodness right now in life, but the same time, I've found a few things that need more focus, places where I've neglected or lacked the time and space to give the right attention. One of these places is my next study, Devoted: Praying Like We Mean It. I have not felt as passionate about a study before, which is why I have decided I am going to have to push the study a week, to begin on June 27th instead of the original June 20th launch date. I want to give you my best, but mainly, I want to give God the attention and dedication He deserves. 

So, if you are super bummed, I'm sorry! BUT, if you haven't ordered a Devoted Prayer Journal yet, you now have a few more days to get your order in! Any orders placed by Wednesday, June 22nd will arrive in time for the study to begin. I am so, so excited about this extra tool. I pray that you will find it beneficial in your journey to devoted prayer, as well.