Something New

Photo Caption: I was going through an old sketchbook tonight, and I found this quote. I don't know where it came from (guessing by the doodles before and after, I heard it sometime near Valentines 💘), but it stood out to me. God wants to use us for his glory; he always uses people to bring him glory. Too often I think that I am too flawed or frail or fearful to be used by God. There are people who have their act much more together than me. My dad has a saying, "he could have used Angels and archangels"-- yeah, they're way more qualified and obedient than me. But God chooses to use us, if we are willing. That willingness is a scary thing: it means stepping out in faith, choosing to follow a plan we don't fully see, making decisions that are uncomfortable and scary and sometimes don't make much sense. And to be a part of God's work, to bring God more glory, why isn't that at the heart of everything I do? If God involves people when he does something new, I want to be involved. // Lord, I'm scared and feeble and flaky, but I want you more than I want my comfort. Use me in the new works you're doing around me. // are you willing to pray that with me? What's holding us back from being used by God?

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