Risk is Right

Photo Caption: In college, I was unintentionally a Political Science major. (Mainly, I took classes I wanted, and in the end it left me with a double major). PolSci was pretty popular, so it was easy to ask people for course recommendations, and one that my friend BB and I were recommended was Political Game Theory. Sounds fun, right? It's basically working through past events (think:Cuban middle crisis), leveraging risk vs reward, and figuring out the best possible solution. Except... I could. not. get. it. I got a paper back from the TA once that I'm fairly sure said, " um...no" on it. In my normal life, I'm always evaluating risk-- and usually I shy away from it. I might fail? Risk is too big. I don't know what the other side looks like? Skip it. But I am reading more and more about what it looks, feels, sounds like to be a disciple, and there's risk at every turn. "follow me" is an invitation to risk. And I think that's why I run from God's call so often, because I'm so afraid to risk. I've been reading John Piper's book, Risk is Right (pdf link in profile), and regardless of people's feelings on Piper, it's challenging me at every turn. If risk and reward are connected, the reward of knowing Jesus is worth every risk there is. I'm wrestling through what that risk actually looks like for me, and it's a hard but good place to be.

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