My People

Photo Caption: These two. These are (some of) my people. I can't take on a project without them. Everyone at school knows our mom, and I don't think @maymolo and I would have it any other way. They both have the biggest heart to serve and help and jump into the messiness with a smile and a hand. I love them in a way that words fail. They have grit and tenacity to see things through and they never let me give up even when I want to. They are real artists who have the kindness and humility to welcome me into their craft. These past two years together have been some of the greatest memories I have, and August will be the most joyful and most ready time when our little birdie gets married and flies from the nest. I never thought we would live in the same place again, and I'm so glad we have. Love you two to the moon. //also, they are the only people I know who would be okay with my experimental iPhone photoshopping of their picture. Because they're the greatest like that.

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