Life Together

Photo Caption: I didn't really want to go last night, but my dad asked me to come and I knew it was important to my parents. The 10th anniversary of the church they lead in The Woodlands. I sometimes feel out of place when I'm here, which was my hesitation, but I showed up. And as I looked around the sanctuary-turned-Hawaiian-luau room, I was humbled and amazed by the community built over the past 10+years. These people have been through it all together: personal struggles, community joys, mundane pieces of life. They walk through life together, in every season. They don't give up or disappear when times are hard. And their joy is palpable and contagious. Community is messy and uncomfortable and unpredictable and imperfect. But it's also so, so good. And i say I was humbled because my trepidation about feeling "out of place" was entirely subsided by the fact that these people are willing to welcome anyone in their community. They have seen people come and go for seasons, and they aren't loved any less or written off because of it. They love fiercely, serve relentlessly, and seek Jesus in a way I've never seen any other community do. You need a community like this; W E need a community like this. It's what Paul talks about in Acts 2. It's not a nice to have. It's an essential in the Christian walk. Do you have a strong community you D O L I F E with? If not, I am begging you to seek it out. We aren't made to do life alone. If you don't know where to start, reach out to me. I don't know everything about community, but thanks to good models and a killer Googling ability, I think I can help. And I want to. Because once you experience authentic, gritty, beautiful community, you want it for everyone.

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