Photo Caption: Grace + truth. God is gracious to us and true to himself. Always. And I'm grateful I have friends who also live out this example and speak into my life. One of my dearest friends put up with my insecurities, mood swings, and big questions this weekend with the most beautiful model of grace and truth. I'm not an easy person to tell the truth to at times: I can get defensive, overly emotional, or distant in a second. And yet she was willing to walk into those parts of my life that I really don't want anyone to see, let alone touch, and share so much grace A N D truth with me. I told her to be honest, I didn't even know why she puts up with me. And she simply smiled and said, "grace". Do you have someone who models grace and truth in your life? If you don't, pray fervently for it. It's uncomfortable and messy and scary, but worth it. So worth it. Andrea, who isn't on social media much, I love you so much my friend. I am so grateful for your example of His grace and truth in my life.

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