Photo Caption: Increasing F A I T H has been a theme in my week. I was humbled to the floor yesterday as my small group read through Galatians 3, where Paul gives a strong rebuke to those who are trying to follow the Law in order to complete their salvation. He uses Abraham as an example of what F A I T H A L O N E looks like. And a lot of times, it looks scary and impractical. Quitting your job and having faith God will provide? Bad move, everyone says. Choosing the school with less scholarship, trusting in God to meet the gaps? Impractical and foolish. Trusting that at 100 you'll have a child, and be the father to a great nation? Absurdist. And yet F A I T H A L O N E has made all these examples real. My future brother in law is a great example of faith to me. In the relatively short time I've known him, I've seen him step out in faith and trust God's provision over man's striving again and again. His faith has not only demonstrated God's glory, but also spurred on faith in others, myself very much included. Abraham's faith is not only an example to the Galatians so many years later, but to us. Faith begets faith. And so when we pray for God to increase our faith, we are not only asking for ours, but those in and around our lives as well. It's incredibly powerful to me to see faith not only in the context of my life, but the opportunity God has to reveal himself to others through my faith in Him. It's never just about us. It cannot be. Who in your life today might be impacted by your steps of faith? How can God's glory expand outside of our own small, enclosed worlds? Faith alone.

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