Everything Beautiful in its Time

Photo Caption: My dad is good at intentionality. I know few people that use their time as well, taking every moment captive and giving it purpose. Yesterday, we had an unexpected 30 minutes together in the car, weaving through and around Houston rush hour. Following our usual pattern, he asked hard questions and I squirmed and wrestled to give productive answers. He shares truth with a confidence I pray one day to mirror; he knows, feels, lives the Truth that God is faithful and loves us fiercely and fully. Not too long ago, I told my dad if I were him, I think I would have given up long ago. Ministry is hard, people are flawed, and there are many days and memories I have thinking "I'd give up on this if it were me". But he knows unabashedly that he's living out his calling, and has perpetual hope that God's plan is working itself out in ways he can and cannot see. Everything is being made beautiful in its time. And I love this about him. Thank you, @obispoclark, for being the one with the hard questions, the open embrace, the continual hope. Love you, Daddy. //Sorry for the very unmanly post. Flowers are just my thing. //

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