Photo Caption: Tim Keller points out in his article on discipleship that "being a disciple makes you gentle". I had a long conversation with a sweet friend yesterday about how ungentle I am with myself especially. I'm self critical in a way that my brain never shuts off. And she powerfully asked, "where's the grace, for you?" Grace for me. I don't have much. I told her I think if I'm my biggest critic, I'll avoid being hurt by other people. If I'm not willing to accept the grace I've already received, how can I share it with others? Wrestling through this one right now.

God's goodness and kindness and gentleness and faithfulness to us is wrecking me in the best, most challenging way. Thanks for letting my small speck of the Internet be a place to share it. Also, you can find Keller's short but powerful article on discipleship at

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