Art Class

Photo Caption: I did something I've been scared to do for three years: I taught an art class. Now before you're actually proud of me, full disclosure is necessary: It was low key, with some of my closest friends and their moms, and there were ample mimosas and limited expectations. It wasn't actually a feat-- but for me, it was something I've passively and actively avoided for years. I was afraid people would leave disappointed, that I would be exposed as a fraud, not actually knowing what I was doing but the truth-- that I make it up. I'm not trained, formally or otherwise, in anything I do, and I get insecure about being "exposed" as a fraud, so I avoid letting people see my process, much less actually teach it to someone else. But my sweet friends were patient, kind, and encouraging to a scared first time teacher. And I'm a little more confident that I could actually let people in a little more and help others feel creatively successful too. Painting especially requires a literal and figurative stillness to steady both my hands and my heart, to stop the negative self talk that says "I'm not good enough, I'm a fraud, I'm disappointing", and trust in the stillness of who God is and how he has created me. This isn't a very theologically deep post, but maybe it'll be an encouragement to someone who hides their talent that you, too, can take a risk by being still and trusting God for who he is and how he holds us up in our fears. Also, it doesn't hurt to have super encouraging friends who are the sweetest students ever. 🙌😘 Also the location is real, along with the struggle of rough Houston streets. 🔩🚗😩

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